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# A short story

Alice was bored. She had nothing to do at home and her parents were too busy to play with her. She decided to go outside and explore the neighborhood. She put on her shoes and coat and grabbed her backpack. She stuffed a few snacks and a water bottle inside and headed out the door.

She walked along the sidewalk, looking for something interesting to see or do. She passed by a park, a grocery store, a library, and a school. She didn't feel like going to any of those places. She wanted something more exciting and adventurous.

She turned a corner and saw a sign that said "Garage Sale". She followed the arrow and found a house with a lot of stuff on the driveway. There were clothes, books, toys, furniture, and other things. Alice liked garage sales. She always found something cool or useful there.

She walked up to the house and started browsing through the items. She saw a dollhouse, a skateboard, a telescope, and a guitar. She picked up the guitar and strummed it. It sounded nice. She wondered how much it cost.

She looked around for the owner of the house, but she didn't see anyone. She saw a table with a sign that said "Pay what you want". There was a jar with some coins and bills inside. Alice thought that was strange. How could they trust people to pay for their stuff?

She shrugged and put the guitar down. She didn't have any money anyway. She continued looking at the other things. She saw a box that said "Free". She opened it and saw a bunch of old magazines, CDs, DVDs, and video games. She didn't recognize any of them. They looked old-fashioned and boring.

She was about to close the box when something caught her eye. It was a small book with a leather cover and gold letters. It said "The Book of Wonders". Alice was curious. She took out the book and opened it.

She expected to see words and pictures inside, but instead she saw blank pages. She flipped through the book, but there was nothing written or drawn on them. She wondered what kind of book this was.

She looked at the cover again and noticed a small button on the side. She pressed it and heard a click. Suddenly, the pages started to glow with different colors. Alice gasped in surprise and awe.

She saw images appear on the pages, like a movie screen. She saw mountains and oceans, forests and deserts, cities and villages, animals and people. She saw places she had never seen before, places that looked magical and wonderful.

She realized that this was no ordinary book. This was a book of wonders, a book that showed her different worlds and adventures. She felt a surge of excitement and curiosity.

She wanted to see more.

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