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VA - Ministry Of Sound Grime

VA - Ministry Of Sound Grime ->>>

A remix of "Crep Hype" by MRK1 was released as a free download on 22 December 2012.[6] "See the Light" feature as soundtrack on the video game by EA Sports, FIFA 13 as well as the Ministry of Sound compilation Addicted To Bass 2013.[7]

Early bassline shares more similarities with its predecessor speed garage than the style that began to emerge in the latter half of the decade, with many people still referring to bassline house releases from the early 2000s as speed garage. This early style grew from the sound that was popular in nightclubs in Yorkshire and the West Midlands during the late 1990s, which played speed garage mixed with melodic vocal house. While the four-to-the-floor style of speed garage retained popularity in Yorkshire and the Midlands, in London it had declined due to the rise of 2-step garage and grime,[3] which led to Northern and Midlands DJs needing to produce their own records.[4]

Towards the end of the 2000s, a new wave of younger Yorkshire-based producers such as TS7, Service Crew, Danny Bond and others, coupled with the rise of digital audio workstations, reduced the use of drum machine samples and old sampled bass lines, which took bassline along a different path. This style started to be called '4x4', moving further away from the original speed garage sound, but still retaining the core elements such as the warping bass and female vocals. In general, bassline as a whole remained fairly underground and was mostly only popular in the North and Midlands, and releases often never went beyond a 12" vinyl EP, or obscure CD mixes or compilations.

Eventually, 4x4 gained popularity on the pop charts, allegedly because it appeals to both genders, while grime and dubstep at the time gathered a predominantly male following.[5] However, a more aggressive style of bassline also developed, which was absent of pitched up female vocals and melodic leads, and was more reminiscent of grime. According to Steve Baxendale, owner of Niche Nightclub, the Niche DJs began to take the vocals out of the speed garage and house music, and thump up the bass. The changes in the style of the music at Niche led to a change from a predominantly white crowd to a predominantly Black British crowd.[6] While the "darker" style of bassline was popular in Sheffield, local scenes in cities such as Birmingham and Leeds continued pursuing a more upbeat style. By 2007, it had become common for people to MC over bassline.[3]

Like dubstep and grime, bassline generally places a strong emphasis on bass,[1] with intricate basslines (often multiple and interweaving) being characteristic of the genre.[7] However, in contrast to these genres, bassline tracks use a four-to-the-floor beat.[7] The music is often purely instrumental, but vocal techniques common in other styles of garage can also be present, such as female R&B vocals sped up to match the faster tempo, and also samples of vocals from grime tracks.[1] Most songs are around 135 to 142 bpm, faster than most UK garage and around the same tempo as most grime and dubstep.

Together with its return to feminine-style music, bassline is said to embrace pop music aesthetics, and to have a euphoric, exuberant quality similar to that of earlier British rave music - both also in contrast to grime and dubstep.[7]

Producer T2 maintains that bassline and UK garage share a common origin in house music but are different sounds, while major bassline distributor and DJ Mystic Matt describes bassline as having a similar rhythm to UK garage, but that the strong emphasis on bass renders it a separate genre.[8]

Bassline was an underground scene in the West Midlands and the north of England until the release of T2's single "Heartbroken" on All Around the World,[12] which attracted international attention, entering the music charts in several countries, including the UK Singles Chart where it reached #2.[13] Grime MC Skepta reported from a tour of several resorts in Greece and Cyprus in summer 2007 that the track was requested in clubs there.[1][13] Additionally, the track received significant airplay on UK radio stations. Some music critics have said Bassline is more mainstream-friendly than grime, since it appeals more equally to both sexes, whereas grime gathered a predominantly male following.[12][14]

The increased appeal of bassline may be in part due to the vocal contributions of female artists such as Jodie Aysha. The lyrics of bassline are often focused on love and other issues that may be considered more feminine.[7] In a blog posting, Simon Reynolds described the bassline genre as "the drastic pendulum swing from yang to yin, testosterone to oestrogen, that I had always imagined would happen in reaction to grime, except it took so long to happen I gave up on it and just forgot."[7] It has been argued that grime and dubstep originated in turn from "an over-reaction - to the 'feminine pressure' of late-'90s 2-step."[7]

After its success through the mid to late 2000s, bassline began to enter a stage of commercial decline. This was mainly driven by the genre not having a presence in nightclubs as it did previously.[19] At this point the genre started to combine elements from older 2-step and UK garage tracks. Artists like 1st Born, Mr Virgo, J69, Freddo, TRC and DJ Q pioneered the new sound which called upon more highly swung beats instead of the classic 4x4 drums that were used in old school bassline tracks. The music at this time was mainly championed by DJ Q via his weekly spot on BBC Radio 1Xtra.[20]

With bassline as a scene in decline and nightclub owners still unwilling to carry out events, there was a resurgence in the music as a sound and party culture mainly due to the warehouse and rave culture in the North of England.[22]

Beyond the music, Ghost Hardware is also a visual artist focusing on video installations. With an aesthetic that mirrors and complements her sound as a DJ, she explores themes of contrast, light, dark, the night, anonymity, escapism and beyond. As her bio explains, her works question and challenge gender stereotypes and the stigma of womxn and the night in capitalist society. Check them on her No Reality Instagram account and her visual work has also been commissioned by labels such as Incurzion and Tesseract.

Beyond a few early releases on the likes of Riddim Records and Boey Audio, his music really started to make a mark when Skankandbass picked him up for a two-track single that boasted his juxtaposition of dark and lighter sounds. Other releases include his Crooked EP on Onyx, a single on Impact Music, and a collaborative liquid EP with Kin:etic on Context Audio.

The Brits introduced four fan-voted genre awards this year. The winners were: Dua Lipa (pop/ R&B act), Sam Fender (alternative/rock act), Becky Hill (dance act) and Dave (hip hop/grime/rap act). The winners were determined by a public vote via TikTok. Fender won the rising star award two years ago. Dave took album of the year two years ago for Psychodrama.

Though it may not be as well-known as some of the other best DJ pools on this list, Promo Only is still a brilliant destination to visit for your tracks and sounds. Offering more than 25 years of industry expertise, the Promo Only website comes with access to a host of hot new releases, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

The Beatport Link service is packed full of different musical experiences to sort through, and you should have no problem sorting through the tracks. Remember, you can always sign up for a couple of DJ pools at the same time if you want to ensure that you have the widest selection of sounds available.

2 Rooms, exceptional sound, the very best in upfront underground House Music. Expect to hear the pinnacle of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Grime, Garage, Breaks, Hip Hop & Live Rap-Grime-Trap performances.

Now, here in Fallujah, the site of what will become the most famous battle of the US war in Iraq, the 21-year-old is covered in sweat, dirt and grime, which does nothing to diminish his charisma and good looks. We talk through the sound of machine-gun fire, tanks and even an air strike, the explosions providing unnecessary emphasis to his remarks.

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