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This is one of the best Chinese movies that I've viewed in recent years. It doesn't feel like a dramatized movie but looks more like a documentary. All the actors in it didn't give you an impression that they were actors but the real common people who live now in China rural area, they are the real people still with kindness, generosity, sincerity like what we used to see in Chinese novels. The screeplay is very good, the director is with natural talent to paint a very plain and peaceful picture of China. The camera team also did a wonderful job to render the beautiful Chinese countryside.But this movie also make me wonder if it really likes what we've seen in China nowadays The Chinese people still with such kindness and generosity to help strangers The Chinese cops still treat people with kindness, patience and courtesy Well, what we have seen recently about China is simply the opposite. Therefore, while I compliment this movie for its humanitarian purity and humanly goodness, but on the other side of the token, I have to say this movie is also quite unreal and overly exaggerated to paint a fake picture of today's China. But at the same time, by using the dialog from the old people who had been through the 10 years Culture Revolution and survived the atrocity from the Chinese Communist Party, we also feel this movie is very real and true to the core. It also uses the words from the leading old man, saying life in China is like crossing one after another border check-point, seemingly endless and deadly until you finally pass the final one of Hell.

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